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C15 Pro Mini Drone 4K Professional FPV Aircraft Quadcopter Obstacle Brushless RC Helicopter 8K Drone Camera 20Km Remote Control

C15 Pro Mini Drone 4K Professional FPV Aircraft Quadcopter Obstacle Brushless RC Helicopter 8K Drone Camera 20Km Remote Control

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Special Notes:

Before you receive the package, please check the product carefully, if there is any problem, please contact us in time, please don't worry, we will solve it for you, before feedback.

Questions about product use:

Before using, please read the product manual carefully, he can solve more than 95% of the operational problems you need to know.

First flight indoors is prohibited:

It is forbidden to choose (indoor) environment with many obstacles for the first flight.

Please make your first flight outdoors in an open environment.

You may choose a flying site after you have become proficient in the operation of the airplane.


The batteries of the latest purchased products are all low voltage, please fully charge the batteries before use!


There might be a few color distortions due to different computer resolutions.

There might be a slight error due to different hand measurements.

Package Includes:

UAV * 1

Remote control * 1

Body battery * 1

USB cable * 1

Protective frame * 4

Screwdriver * 1

Spare blade * 4

Manual * 1

App Manual * 1

Storage bag * 1

Remote control function:

One-touch takeoff/ One-touch landing/ Ascent/ Descent/ Left/ Right steering/ Forward/ Backward/ Left flight Right flight/ Optical flow positioning/ Dual camera/ ESC/ Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance/ Rolling Headless mode/ Fast and slow gears/ One-touch reset/ One-touch return

Aerial APP Function:

One Key Takeoff/ One Key Landing/ Ascent/ Descent/ Left and Right Steering/ Forward/ Backward/ Left Side Flying/ Right Side Flying/ Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance/ Intelligent Following/ Rolling/ Headless Mode/ Fast and Slow Stalls/ Photo Shooting/ Video Recording/ Optical Streaming Positioning/ Dual Cameras/ Face/ Gesture Recognition for Auto Photo Shooting/ Gravity Sensing/ Trajectory Flying/ One Key Returning

About the battery:

Prolonged charging is prohibited.

Prohibit exposure to sunlight.

Prohibit use under high temperature.

Prohibit disassembly.

A. For aerial RC airplane beginners:

1. Pre-flight Preparation: Before taking off, make sure your craft has undergone a proper pre-flight check, including battery level, craft structure and controller status.

2. Find a suitable site: find an open space, no obstacles and away from the crowd, for safe initial control practice.

3. Learn the basic control: Beginners should first learn the basic control skills, including takeoff, landing, ascent, descent, left turn, right turn and other basic movements.

4. Control height: beginners should try to control the flight altitude, avoid flying the aircraft too high, so as to avoid accidents due to unfamiliar control.

5. Pay attention to the flight environment: pay attention to the flight environment and weather conditions, especially the wind and other factors. Avoid flying in bad weather or windy conditions.

6. Move slowly: When using the camera, you should move the camera as slowly as possible to achieve a more stable picture effect.

B. For professionals:

1. Optimization of internal and external equipment: Professionals may consider upgrading and improving the hardware and software of the aircraft to get better performance and accuracy.

2. Navigation and automation: Learn to use navigation and automation functions, such as GPS positioning, flight path planning, etc., to improve the efficiency and accuracy of aerial photography.

3. Learning Flight Techniques: Learn advanced flight techniques such as hovering stabilization, inverted flight, circular flight, and motion tracking according to actual needs.

4. Shooting details: High-quality shooting requires detail processing, image processing and labeling, which is more suitable for professionals, such as making 3D models or maps.

Regulations and Safety: Professionals should strictly abide by local aerial photography regulations and pay attention to flight safety to ensure the successful completion of the mission and the safe operation of the aircraft.

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